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First Day of School – August 27, 2018

The first day of school for ALL GRADES (preK – 12) is August 27, 2018.

Imagine Math


The Imagine Math summer pathway was encouraged by homeroom teachers in June but not required.  The pathway is a way to prepare students for the upcoming year by revisiting the skills necessary for the next grade level.  Students that complete the pathway will be recognized. Students can access Imagine Math through your portal and must complete the summer pathway by August 8, 2018. After 8/10/18 all data will be deleted by Imagine Math.  You will not have access to this work after August 10th.

Students should complete any assigned work that was distributed by the teacher of the grade they will be entering August 27, 2018.

Students entering grades 7-8 are given the Imagine Math pathway as enrichment.  There is a required math packet that is due the first day of school for grades 7 and 8.

Student Agenda Books

Student Agenda Books are required for students in grades 4-8.  They will be available for sale in the Home and School for $3.00

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation for Parents/Students will take place on August 15th from 10:00 – 11:00 am.

Last modified: July 24, 2018