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Please mark your calendars – the first day of school (link to Academic Calendar 2018-2019) is Monday, August 27th, 2018, for ALL GRADES, including preK and Kindergarten!

Supply Lists for 2018-2019 school year.

Student Agenda Books are required for students in grades 4-8.  They will be available for sale in the Home and School for $3.00.





Happy Summer!

REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS ENTERING GRADES 4-8: Students must access imagine math through your portal to complete the summer pathway. The school-wide report to determining who completed the summer work will be finalized on August 9th. After 8/10/18 all data will be deleted by Imagine Math.  You will not have access to this work after August 10th.   This assignment will count as a graded assignment for the 1st marking period.



Our Mission

To nurture the creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills essential to thriving in a changing global environment.




Change in Immunization Requirements Effective Immediately

Please visit the following website concerning immunization requirements.