Uniform Policy

School Uniforms

The School District of Philadelphia has adopted a school uniform policy for all students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth. The school board believed that this policy would assist in creating a positive learning environment. As of September 1, 2001, this policy is mandatory. Students who do not comply with the policy will receive warning letters, possible conference with the teacher, principal, and the possibility of not participating in activities such as trips, athletics and/or graduation exercises.

The Greenberg School Uniform: Navy Blue and Khaki as described below:

Navy Blue Polo (with collar or golf shirt, short or long sleeves)
Navy Blue sweaters (cardigans or pullover for colder weather)
Khaki Pants (for boys or girls)
Khaki Capri pants and cargo pants (knee-length) are permitted during warm weather
Khaki skirts or jumpers (knee-length)
Shoes- Black, blue or brown
Sneakers are also acceptable everyday

On Gym Days only:

Students can wear items below instead of above uniform:

Greenberg Gray Gym shirt with a name (can be purchased through the school.)
Sweatpants or jogging pants (navy or black)